Ripping BluRay Audio discs to FLAC, part II

Here’s an update to the previous script, I have added some additional features and corrected a major issue with the previous approach.

The FLAC files created by the previous script have the wrong timecodes. All files have the length of the original source MKV file, with the track start time being at the chapter start point. This confuses some players, although they worked on my Squeezebox, they didn’t work on a friend’s Naim streamer.

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Ripping BluRay Audio Discs to FLAC

UPDATE: This script has been superseded to add more features and correct a major issue, see here.

I’ve been buying some BluRay audio discs as a relatively inexpensive route to HD audio content, there’s some great remasters and remixes coming out and many include a conventional CD and BluRay audio in various formats, from 96/24 LPCM, 192/24 LPCM or various surround sound formats.

There’s numerous pieces of software for this and some paid for options might be slightly simpler, but I’m using MakeMKV ( as it’s cross-platform and cheaper than many other options (it’s free for DVD ripping, a one off payment for BluRay ripping.

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Year one with a Suzuki Swift Sport


I’ve never intended to buy a new car, the thought of the depreciation is anathema to my sensible financial head, but occasionally events align and in this instance a maturing company share save scheme, dealers keen to sell cars in a traditionally dead time (the week before Christmas!) and some pre-registered vehicles at great prices meant it started to look like a sensible idea.

The thought of ‘bugger it, treat yourself’ also came to mind, every car I’ve ever owned until now has been purchased on a very limited budget and with a purely practical requirement.

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