BBC micro:bit

My son, like many Year 7 students, received his BBC micro:bit this week, a tiny little PCB with a surprising amount of functionality, intended to get kids coding.


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Identify HD music tracks (Quick ‘n’ dirty Bash script)

I’m building a library of HD music tracks and decided that it would be nice if it was in a separate folder from all my other music. Since I can’t remember what I have and where it’s located I’ve conjured up a quick ‘n’dirty Bash script to recursively scan a folder tree and produce two lists of SD and HD tracks.

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How great companies lose control of their reputation.

This is a bit of a vent, a hopefully cathartic post to seal a week of somewhat farcical interaction with a company I really like. I’m hoping that in addition to releasing the utter frustration I’m currently feeling, it will equally be read by someone that can actually make a difference, who might consider the route they have taken and the result it’s had.

I’ve been with the 3 network for many years now, ¬†from the outset I’ve always viewed them as an innovative¬†company who does things differently from everyone else. I still believe this is true in many ways today.

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