Identify HD music tracks (Quick ‘n’ dirty Bash script)

I’m building a library of HD music tracks and decided that it would be nice if it was in a separate folder from all my other music. Since I can’t remember what I have and where it’s located I’ve conjured up a quick ‘n’dirty Bash script to recursively scan a folder tree and produce two lists of SD and HD tracks.

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How great companies lose control of their reputation.

This is a bit of a vent, a hopefully cathartic post to seal a week of somewhat farcical interaction with a company I really like. I’m hoping that in addition to releasing the utter frustration I’m currently feeling, it will equally be read by someone that can actually make a difference, who might consider the route they have taken and the result it’s had.

I’ve been with the 3 network for many years now, ¬†from the outset I’ve always viewed them as an innovative¬†company who does things differently from everyone else. I still believe this is true in many ways today.

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Ripping BluRay Audio discs to FLAC, part II

Here’s an update to the previous script, I have added some additional features and corrected a major issue with the previous approach.

The FLAC files created by the previous script have the wrong timecodes. All files have the length of the original source MKV file, with the track start time being at the chapter start point. This confuses some players, although they worked on my Squeezebox, they didn’t work on a friend’s Naim streamer.

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