Milestone back from repair

UPDATE: The Kernel errors are back, seems like it was just a hasty (and hopeful) wish that the problems had gone away. They haven’t, the Milestone still crashes, Motorola are still useless when it comes to Android support.


Curiouser and curiouser…

The Milestone has finally been returned from repair and is working fine, which is a (pleasant) surprise.

The only work mentioned on the repair form is some replacement case parts (including a replacement camera shutter button, which I’d asked to be replaced as it suffered the fate of most of these, i.e. the gold plating coming off), a replacement antenna and a software update.

The latter is particularly interesting as there’s no evidence of any software versions that have changed from the update I originally installed (see image attached)

So I’m still puzzled about this, is the problem that the original software update did not install correctly, or was there an underlying hardware issue that’s been resolved?

It does tend to show though that the so called kernel DSI errors are not inherent to the kernel, but caused by a genuine fault of some kind.

So my recommendation to anyone suffering the same problem is to contact Motorola and get the unit back for repair.


If anyone has any suggestions for further analysis our investigation then drop me a comment.

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