Milestone in for repair

Been a while since I posted here as I’ve been waiting on the outcome of a support call to Motorola, but figure I’d give a quick update as I’m still waiting for my phone to be returned.

A support call to Motorola describing the DSI errors present in the dmesg logs, resulted in a suggestion to send my phone for repair.

At present the phone is waiting on parts, but it will be interesting to see if the error messages are still present on its return.

This has some interesting consequences, given the number of users reporting the same errors elsewhere on the internet: –

  1. There may be a hardware element to these issues, maybe affecting earlier revisions of hardware only?
  2. There may be a common fault that’s been highlighted by the Froyo update?
  3. Nothing will change and it’s still fundamentally a software problem, as I, and many others still suspect.

I’ll report back once I have the phone back in my hands.

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