Unlocking the boot loader in the new Xperia™ smartphones

Just discovered an interesting blog post at the Sony Ericsson Developer Blog; with the new generation of Xperia phones, some phones (i.e. those without a carrier simlock) can have the bootloader unlocked to allow easy flashing of custom ROM’s.

Just another good reason to buy your next phone unlocked and free from carrier bloat. Although it requires greater initial outlay, in almost all cases it works out cheaper overall – that phone is subsidised by the monthly tariff you’re paying to your carrier, often for up to 2 years these days.

The phone will be worth more in the second hand market too, as an unlocked phone not tied to any particular network.

For the full blog post see the Sony Ericsson Developer Blog.

Now if Sony Ericsson can see the benefit in doing this, how about you Motorola?

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