Even more Motorola Milestone stuff

I’m having battery life issues with the phone now, I’d assumed that the short battery life was down to the increased use from playing with the new OS, but last night I left the phone on the bedside table, close to fully charged, and when I woke up this morning it was as dead as a Dodo!

I then charged the phone before leaving the house this morning, listened to a podcast for 3/4 hour on the way to work, and by mid-day the battery was dead again. The data sync has been disabled all morning too, so it’s not data traffic causing the battery use, in addiiton ‘time without signal’ has been zero so it’s not spent it’s time hunting for a good 3G signal either.

Mobile Standby and Phone Idle seem to be the things using power; an uptime of only 4 hours makes the device unuseable.

Time for a support call to Motorola this is ridiculous…

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