Rooting the Motorola Milestone on Froyo

Thanks to my brother for help with this one…

I initially tried Universal Androot to root the newly updated Milestone but that doesn’t work.

To root it on 2.2.1, do a Google search for ‘superoneclick’ (the XDA-developers thread is good).

Download superoneclick.

Some anti-virus (e.g. Microsoft Security Essentials) will flash up a virus warning: –

Virus Warning

This is nothing to worry about, in effect it’s warning you about the exploit that’s being used to root your phone, with your permission.

Follow the instructions on the XDA developers thread and you will get a rooted Milestone!

At present, Milestone Overclock doesn’t work, so don’t install that until it’s updated, but Titanium Backup works great with the copy of BusyBox installed by superoneclick.

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