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Streaming Subsonic in higher quality at lower bitrates on Vortexbox

My primary music library is in lossless FLAC format, which Subsonic, by default, transcodes to mp3 for streaming to PC’s and mobile devices. I’ve always used a two-step transcode for this as FFmpeg doesn’t always handle FLAC files as well as … Continue reading

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How great companies lose control of their reputation.

This is a bit of a vent, a hopefully cathartic post to seal a week of somewhat farcical interaction with a company I really like. I’m hoping that in addition to releasing the utter frustration I’m currently feeling, it will … Continue reading

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Milestone back from repair

UPDATE: The Kernel errors are back, seems like it was just a hasty (and hopeful) wish that the problems had gone away. They haven’t, the Milestone still crashes, Motorola are still useless when it comes to Android support. Curiouser and … Continue reading

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