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Connecting the Wolfson Sound Card to the Raspberry Pi3

I’m quite a fan of the Wolfson (later Cirrus) sound cards for the Raspberry Pi – they offer great value for money compared to some of the competition. Most of the audio cards available for Pi’s offer a DAC only … Continue reading

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How great companies lose control of their reputation.

This is a bit of a vent, a hopefully cathartic post to seal a week of somewhat farcical interaction with a company I really like. I’m hoping that in addition to releasing the utter frustration I’m currently feeling, it will … Continue reading

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Building a new Home File Server (Part 2 – Software)

As mentioned in Part 1, my exisiting server is using Mandriva as the base OS for all the other services I run. The reasons for this are largely historical – it was the first Linux OS I really used as … Continue reading

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