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Identify HD music tracks (Quick ‘n’ dirty Bash script)

I’m building a library of HD music tracks and decided that it would be nice if it was in a separate folder from all my other music. Since I can’t remember what I have and where it’s located I’ve conjured … Continue reading

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Ripping BluRay Audio Discs to FLAC

UPDATE: This script has been superseded to add more features and correct a major issue, see here. I’ve been buying some BluRay audio discs as a relatively inexpensive route to HD audio content, there’s some great remasters and remixes coming … Continue reading

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Mounting External Storage within Crouton Chroot Automatically

Having installed crouton on my Acer C720 chromebook, I wanted a way to automatically mount some additional storage within the Linux environment, that could be used to store, for example, Steam or other games. The 64GB Sandisk Ultra Fit USB3 drives seemed … Continue reading

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