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Milestone back from repair

UPDATE: The Kernel errors are back, seems like it was just a hasty (and hopeful) wish that the problems had gone away. They haven’t, the Milestone still crashes, Motorola are still useless when it comes to Android support. Curiouser and … Continue reading

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Milestone in for repair

Been a while since I posted here as I’ve been waiting on the outcome of a support call to Motorola, but figure I’d give a quick update as I’m still waiting for my phone to be returned. A support call … Continue reading

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Motorola Milestone Froyo Frequent Reboots and a Fix (sort of…)

After all the positives after the cache wipe my phone has become increasingly less stable. This manifests itself with the phone becoming unresponsive and then spontaneously rebooting, it’s not a full reboot, as often the phone restarts and you don’t … Continue reading

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