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Building a new Home File Server (Part 1 – Hardware)

Ever since discovering the joys of networked streaming audio delivery around the house I’ve had a need for a centralised location to store our music (currently around 560GB of lossless FLAC files). As is often the case with these things, … Continue reading

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VortexBox Hardware Requirements

A couple of people have asked about hardware requirements for VortexBox, so below are the suggested minimum specs from the VortexBox site. For reference I only allocate 512Mb and a single core (on an Intel Core Duo Mobile) to the … Continue reading

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Streaming Music Servers / Vortexbox

I’m a huge Linux / open source software fan and I’m constantly being amazed by the incredible software that’s being given away for free by the open source community. For some years now I’ve been using the brilliant Slim Devices … Continue reading

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