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Ripping BluRay Audio discs to FLAC, part III

Just a quick update to the previous script, I’ve added a user input to select the audio track you want to rip, in the event you want to rip multiple audio tracks. The workflow is to rip using MakeMKV as … Continue reading

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Streaming Subsonic in higher quality at lower bitrates on Vortexbox

My primary music library is in lossless FLAC format, which Subsonic, by default, transcodes to mp3 for streaming to PC’s and mobile devices. I’ve always used a two-step transcode for this as FFmpeg doesn’t always handle FLAC files as well as … Continue reading

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Khan Academy – A Response to Educational Technology Guy

The post below is a response to a blog entry from Educational Technology Guy, titled “Khan Academy – not good pedagogy and not #edreform” I had originally intended to respond to the article in the comments on the above site, … Continue reading

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