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Cirrus / Wolfson sound card power supply noise sensitivity

I had a chance to do some quick measurements on the Wolfson card, I was curious as to how well it measured and also to see if the power supply sensitivity, referred to in the HiFi World review¬†was visible at … Continue reading

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Connecting the Wolfson Sound Card to the Raspberry Pi3

I’m quite a fan of the Wolfson (later Cirrus) sound cards for the Raspberry Pi – they offer great value for money compared to some of the competition. Most of the audio cards available for Pi’s offer a DAC only … Continue reading

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Ripping BluRay Audio discs to FLAC, part III

Just a quick update to the previous script, I’ve added a user input to select the audio track you want to rip, in the event you want to rip multiple audio tracks. The workflow is to rip using MakeMKV as … Continue reading

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