Old Bike, New Tricks

I used to love cycling as a youngster, but as soon as I passed my driving test the amount of cycling dropped off. Getting motivated to jump on the bike, given that almost every route out of where I live involves climbing some hills means that my bike has been gathering dust for too long.

I’ve always owned decent bikes, not at the multi-thousand-pound lightweight carbon level, but always decent enough that the groupsets work reliably. As my weight increased I swapped a lightweight road bike for a mountain bike thinking that the riding position would be more suited to my physique and that getting off-road would be nicer than breathing diesel fumes and particulates.

The reality is that because my daily routine normally involves a lengthy commute, the desire to jump on the bike after a long workday was diminished and at the weekends the motivation was frequently not present.

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High Resolution Squeezebox Replacement

Having bought a Chord Mojo recently at a bargain price and then realising it’s actually the best sounding digital source I own, I wanted to be able to drop it in and out of the main system easily and take full advantage of its capabilities.

Most of my listening is streamed using Slim Devices / Logitech Squeezebox type devices as a front end to Logitech Media Server, or Qobuz. It’s a system I’ve been running for many years now and it works perfectly. Unfortunately, many of these Squeezeboxes are showing their age, in terms of resolution limitations or just hardware ageing.

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The Nest Hello video doorbell in the UK

As a result of s new boiler installation recently I wanted a smart thermostat as part of the installation. I’ll be honest that I’m a bit of a Google fan when it comes to smart things, and having looked at various devices decided Nest, with it’s Google heritage, was the one I wanted.

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